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COLOUR THERAPY FOR CHILDREN - Certificate by Distance Learning

"Children have a natural affinity to colour acts as a language that helps them explore he world and their relationships with it." 

"Exploring Colour in a playful way is an excellent way for children to develop their physical skills,  learning and comprehensive abilities. Colour is a language that allows a child to express their feelings and emotions in a way that they may not be able to do using words alone." 

Suzy Chiazzari - B.ed, MIAC, MIWOC

Principal Iris School of Colour


Iris School of Colour Therapy is delighted to offer a new Certificate course that trains you to become a Children's Colour Therapist. This course is suitable for parents, teachers, therapists and other social and health workers who want to learn about using colour as an emotional, developmental and healing tool. 

Iris School of Colour Therapy Diploma

We are a small specialist school offering courses in all aspects of Colour Therapy and Colour Counselling. We were established in 1992 by internationally renowned Colour Therapist, teacher and author, Suzy Chiazzari, and we have successfully training students from all over the world since that time. Suzy has over 20 years experience working as a teacher and Colour Therapist.  

The Iris School of Colour Therapy is a UKRLP registered and insured training centre.

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About the Course:

Colour Therapy for Children course consists of 10 fully illustrated Lessons and it includes many practical tasks and activities for you to try out.

The course teaches you how to use Colour Cards as a diagnostic tool, to  understand a child's emotional and mental state. It also contains many practical ways to use colour for many situations including: physical development,  play, learning, stress, separation, hyperactivity, dyslexia. 

The course also covers colour therapy during pregnancy, for babies and children through to teenage years.  

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Colour Therapy for Children - 10 Lessons delivered by distance learning.

Places on this 6 months course will be available from October 2013 and in order to give our students our best attention, we limited numbers, so please use the contact form in order to put your name on the waiting list.  The course was designed and is tutored by Suzy Chiazzari herself, and students will receive plenty of helpful comments and personal advice.

On enrollment we require payment in full using a credit card, Paypal or UK cheque (electronic transfer) and your whole course is sent to you up front so you can study at your own speed.  Enrollment can be made via the IRIS SCHOOL OF COLOUR THERAPY website.